Sustainability in a changing market

Using conventional building materials, newer age natural products and, “green certified materials”, I am here to offer design and detailing to help you find the professional criteria required to bring your project to fruition.

I personally guarantee a well-built, cost appropriate, quality home with care taken to each of the many systems that complete a modern structure.

In this changing market, our company is rapidly adapting to this process. We offer building techniques and materials, compliant with the many “Green”, and sustainable concepts; or simple common sense approaches to recycling and material choices with sustainability awareness.

The essence of sustainability, as the word implies; is to construct and create in such a manner that the project will sustain itself over the course of time. Meaning that poorly appointed details that cause material failure, leading towards replacement, is counterproductive from any standpoint.

We have both knowledge and experience for upgrades to spray in foam, cellulose, insulation and weatherization techniques. Our heating and cooling approach tracks leading technology, utilizing modern heat pump equipment. “Heat pumps” can create “latent heat” either atmospherically or by “ground source”.

We are a smaller company, typically engaged in 1 or 2 projects at any given time. This permits my presence in the field on a daily basis; important to our business model. We aggressively pursue any opportunity to embark on a project utilizing forward-thinking materials, technologies, and techniques.

If interested we can offer a non-bias “home inspection service” providing the owner with a “Certificate of Occupancy”. Airtight analysis of the completed house can be confirmed with, out-sourcing a “blower door” test and evaluation. This helps establish and eliminate concerns for heat loss.

Large or small, simple or complex, residential or commercial, we want to be your hometown builder.

Please call us for a free consultation and estimate on your personal building needs. We welcome the opportunity to be your full-service general contractor.