Home Remodel and Energy Performance

As in the past, we welcome existing home remodel and alteration projects. From new kitchens, additions, window replacement, and custom built-ins. In addition, creating home theaters and offices from existing bedrooms.

One new initiative is the emerging field of “home performance”. This consists of an energy loss reduction approach to your home. For example, window and door performance; how well insulated are foundations, floors, walls, and roof. We’ll evaluate where upgrades could be realized with an investment return approach.

During even a simple remodel, weatherization and insulation details can be explored. Ventilation and moisture management are real-time topics; where we identify with problems and remediation. Energy retrofitting can be done with new heating and/or cooling equipment and distribution systems. Kitchen upgrades can include “energy star” appliances.

The “building envelope” is an important energy efficiency barrier. The conditions of your existing windows, doors, roofing and siding constitute a critical barrier to the elements. The correct process of sealed window installation, proper flashing, and building paper; during siding installation; contribute greatly to the “building envelope”. Performing to combat air and moisture intrusion.

Couple this with the ever-expanding federal (and some state) tax credits. We can offer a “blower door test”, where the house is closed up tight and a fan slightly depressurizes the “indoor conditioned area”. So, the house can then be run through a battery of tests to analyze heat loss locations.

Please feel free to call the office and explore what we can offer you and your home. We are striving to be your “green collar” contractor.

Consultation and partial services offered for owner involvement projects.

Consulting and Design

I am happy to assist on a consulting basis, for any homeowner interested in doing their own building or remodeling. From basic idea to assist in the integration of all the steps and sequencing of projects large or small. If you’re a homeowner that wants to build your own deck, we can get you started and keep you clear of problems.

This might include getting your foundation in and helping you get laid out on the framing. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, we can assist in design and layout; and/or all the heavier “rough” stages. If you are an “owner-builder”, of a new home; I can be proactive in keeping the project on a forward and efficient path.

If you’re interested in being more involved with your building process we can “hybrid” our contracting services. Thus providing labor and direction, we can steer you through the process of functioning as your own contractor. This is a time-consuming process, however, if so inclined we can adjust our services to your abilities and availability; to get you more involved. Most lenders struggle with this approach, but we have accepted opportunity such as this on several occasions.

Although our drafting and design abilities cannot come close to matching the skills of an architect; our services in this matter are both very pragmatic and cost-effective. Your involvement and feedback with initial parameters help with our efforts to stay on track in an expedient manner.

For more information or to set up meeting for consultation, please contact us.

Skidster (Bobcat) Services

Basic bobcat for hire, earthwork, equipment and material handling. Four-wheel drive rubber tire machine, with snow chains and tracks for mud. Attachments include; bucket, in line backhoe, pallet forks, and 10’ grading arm.

We can help owner builders with deck foundations, placement of gravel and rock, move equipment around a job site, load and unload functions. Simple trenching and in-ground pipe and conduit placing.

Marine Construction

In combination with pile driving associates and other “heavy” barge contractors, we can be your waterfront development contractor. For example, construction of docks, boat houses, gazebos, shore stations (boat lifts), lawn care and water sports storage buildings, decks, and the like. From creating a new dock to refurbishing an existing dock. Also, by using the existing piling for a new and fresh deck surface or piling development. The pilings can be steel, concrete, or wood members.

Our specialty for marine construction is working on hard to access projects.

If you’re working with one of Sandpoint’s pile driving specialists, we can in combination with them; bring some very appealing carpentry to the greater scope. This may include bench seating, multi-tiered, dock approaches, and stairs or retaining walls; down to the waterfront. Included with any of these projects would be all associated electrical wiring for boat lifts, lighting control, and pumps.

Lake source water systems for irrigation and/or domestic application can be realized with a series of filtration options. Finally, the creation of deck-type walkways through swampy and wet areas are all part of the many design possibilities.